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Main office and SHOWROOM:
VI.P. Technika Świetlna
ul. Łódzka 11
62 – 800 Kalisz PL
Tel.: +48 62 / 764 28 72
Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 8.00 – 16.00

About us

The company "Vi.P." LIGHTING operates in the market of arrangement and interior design from January 1994. It is created by a team of people who are engaged in creating architectural solutions for interiors of diverse functions - from private homes and representative to the public spaces. Since 1998 the main emphasis in developing our offer was given to LIGHTING and professional consultancy in this area. It resulted in cooperation with the best Polish and European specialists and producers in the industry. In our work we try to reconcile the wishes and expectations of the investor with the requirements of the architect and electrical installation designer – we do not promote a product but an optimal solution in a given situation. We offer assistance in the selection of luminaires evaluating them in terms of the functions they are to perform in a room.

Our company specializes in designing, furnishing and selling lighting fixtures. We operate both in Kalisz and nationwide market. Thus far, we have worked with many companies both in the field of design, lighting, finishing and furnishing interiors: public, representative and residential.

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